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Looking to market your electrical contracting company services online?

Marketing For ElectriciansElectricians are very competitive when it comes to bidding on projects for electrical work today. The fact that advertising isn't the same as it was a decade ago doesn't help either. In fact, digital marketing is the best way to get your name out there compared to the way it was a decade ago too.

With proper use of the internet, you can ensure your phone rings consistently and your diary is filled with high value orders, it can also ensure that you focus all your time and effort on providing customers with the best possible service, instead of focusing on acquiring new customers.

In fact, advertising in today's blue-collar market is the foundation of getting work in a tough market. Service companies today are in need of a comprehensive marketing plan with methods that will highlight your company's management skills or your skills as an electrician in general. You also need to tell your prospects of past electrical work completed, your credentials, and most of all, the type of electric services you handle.

Marketing For Electricians – Get Consistent Leads & Orders

Setup A Professional Website

The most basic requirement for marketing your electrical services on the internet is a ‘Professionally Designed Website’. Setting up a website is extremely simple these days thanks to a wide variety of tools, themes and plugins to serve every requirement, you can find freelance web designers to get this done within a day for an extremely low price.

Electrical Contractor MarketingThe website should contain a description on all the different services you provide, having a website which just lists ‘All Electrical Services’ is of no use to anyone, it should mention services such as ‘ECB Violation Inspection’, ‘Emergency Wiring Check & Repair’, etc, in as much detail as possible.

Make sure you also mention your portfolio and experience with each of the services you mention, these are again ways to increase customer confidence and improve conversion rates. Remember, any 11-year- old can setup a website, you have to look professional to differentiate yourself. There is a great article "Marketing Ideas for Electricians" on the small business section of that further explores some these essential marketing ideas.

Classified & Local Advertising

The age-old classified listings are still very much relevant to local advertising and marketing, in fact there are new local niche specific advertising sites that are springing up every day. These sites are highly essential to your marketing plan because they target local geographies and can help generate ‘Laser Targeted Leads’ with High-Intent. Some of the most popular sites include Yelp, Justdial and Craigslist, all of which get millions of visitors every day and generate billions in leads for small business owners across the country.

All of these sites currently provide a free listing, which allows you limited features and exposure, letting your experience results without making any commitments. This again depends on how well you optimize and customize your listings. Unlike your website, the data you provide here are more or less standardized, so you’ll have to follow the structure provided to you by each service.

In most major cities, you are bound to face heavy competition on classifieds and marketplaces, which could make this model expensive, so in the long run your goal must be to build your reputation on these sites and grow your presence organically.

Reputation Management

In today’s highly competitive blue-collar work environment, your business thrives or dies based on the reputation you build among your customers. When you list your business in large classified sites, you are up against 100s of other services which provide the same standardized service at nearly the same cost as you, so the only thing that can help you stand out is the reputation you’ve earned over the years.

Best Electrician WebsitesMost classified and local listing sites allow your customers to share their experience or review your service, which will be displayed on your ‘Listing Page’ for all potential customers to see, and at times, your rating and reviews can even determine your ranking and position against your competitors on each site.

Reputation management is crucial for surviving in this business as just 1 negative review can ruin all that you’ve worked for, so the first thing you should do is ensure that you resolve all conflicts with customer’s mutually without it ever moving online, and if a customer is unsatisfied with the service you provided, it’s better to bear a loss on that service than lose business worth 10 times that.

Apart from these, most service providers also solicit reviews from their customers in return for excellent service or cashbacks and discounts on their total fee, but this again depends on the terms and conditions of the sites and marketplaces you get the reviews on, some of them don’t allow open solicitation.

Showcase / Gallery / Portfolio

Effective web marketing conveys more than just content, it speaks to prospects that may need you in the near future. You have to “Showcase” your work with photos and highlight what you did in the form of web content. Having before and after pictures works best. A photo gallery landing page dedicated to your jobs you've completed or in progress helps pinpoint what you are capable of handling as an electrician.

A dedicated general contractor will want to see these photos. Imagine a dull and plain looking kitchen with one light centred at the ceiling and that's it. Comparably, after your work is completed, you may have added lights above the sink, near the cabinets, and maybe a chandelier in the dining area.

This looks nice and is a great photo op to present in your photo gallery online. With new lighting all around the kitchen, snap photos because this element of marketing your work really does work! What you've accomplished as an electrician while you build your portfolio starts now or add to it now. Doing this by way of a website helps showcase your services and skills ten-fold.

Electrician Advertising – Fill Your Diary With Orders

For most electricians and blue-collar workers, there is no better feeling than seeing their diary full of orders, but unfortunately, even today most of them spend half the time providing their customers with quality service and the other half worrying about getting more work, not knowing whether they can put food on the table the following week or month.

The internet is helping them bring in a great deal of predictability and stability into their professions, by democratizing the field, all one has to focus on now, is building a good reputation by providing high-quality service.

There are numerous options available for hardworking electricians to get constant flow of work, these are just a few of the many we’ve listed on our blog post, if you are confused about not knowing where to start, we can come up with a ‘Done-For-You’ service which will take you by the hand to get your business established on the internet.